About us

Who we are

For People and Planet is a community development organization in Uganda that aims to offer equal opportunity to all.

We believe people can be united for a better planet and as such we work with partners to improve the lives of the ordinary people through promoting education and training, promotion of better health through promotion of reproductive health rights, mental health, menstrual hygiene, child nutrition and water hygiene.

Without  a sustainable eco-system, humanity toils in vain. We venture to conserve the environment through agroforestry promotion,  climate change mitigation and economic empowerment

Our Vision

A planet where communities address their social economic challenges using resources around them

Our Mission

Build capacity and open opportunities 

Our Core Values

  • Humanity
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Equal Opportunity

How we do what we do

Our approach of work is community led and focussed towards empowering the communities to solve the problems around them.

We strongly believe the best way to help a man is to teach him to be creative for that he can be able to meet all his needs with very limited support. What would it mean if you gave a man fish? You feed him for a day, and we are sure that it not he best. What if we taught the same man to fish? Well… you will feed him till government changes the laws on fishing or until a disaster wipes all the fish in the lake.

When we teach a man to be creative, we are sure we will feed him not just for a day or not till govermment changes laws on fishing. because even then he will create something that will help him survive. 

As such we think through community problems with the communities themselves and suggest and adapt solution with that community

Meet Our Uganda Management Team

Lukwago Mathius

Chief Executive Officer

Master of Environmental Management |  Bachelors of Development studies | Diploma in Counseling Psychology

David Oriokot

Communications Director

Bachelors of Communication studies | Diploma of Mass Communications | Certificate of Behavior Change Communication Strategy

Johnmary Matovu

Programs Director

Bachelor of  Tourism (Hons)|PGD-Project Planning &Management | PGC-Monitoring& Evaluation

Joanne Namunina

Human Resource & Finance Director

Bachelor of Arts with Education | Certificate Social Media marketing